Information Technology has been diligently working to bring resources online that will allow for continuity of staff duties in the event of a need to work remotely. Below you will find information on each of the resources and how to access them from home. 

Help Desk Support In the event that Human Resources announces a need to work from home, Help Desk support will continue through our Technology Support Center at and through call-in support at 410-677-5454. You will be greeted and asked to leave a voicemail with your technology question. One of our IT Support Associates/Specialists will receive your message and begin working on a resolution. You will either get an email ticket with updates or, if warranted, a direct phone call to continue troubleshooting your issue.   

Great! Please follow our instructions for SU's Always On VPN

Good news! SU Employees can remote desktop to their office pc as long as it is running Windows

Perfect! Workspace is amazing! See how right here.

No problem! Web email access instructions can be found here.

Sure thing! All employees are entitled to use Microsoft Office for free following these instructions.

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is our university web conferencing tool that is available to all campus users. You can access this tool anytime at and create a video conference for others to join.  

Microsoft Teams is SU's collaboration tool.  It integrates the people, content, and tools needed to be more engaging and effective.  Teams can be accessed via the web at or use the desktop app on any SU device.  

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Voicemail Audio 
Information Technology is implementing a new feature to have your voicemail messages automatically sent to your email address.   Any voicemail messages you have currently saved or any unread will automatically be deleted when this change occurs.  

Note: If you have messages of importance that you need to save please contact Tina Willey at extension 82191 prior to the date listed below for your building.  Once the feature has been added it will be too late to recover any deleted voicemails. 

The voicemail messages sent via email will be from “”.  Once this new feature is added the message light on your phone will not activate when you receive a new message. All telephones with voicemail will be converted based on the building the telephone is located.  If the phone is not assigned to an individual it won’t get the enhancement. 

Voicemail Enhancement Building Schedule: 

  • Thursday, March 12th: Blackwell Hall, Conway Hall, Center for International Education, Fulton Hall, Devilbiss Hall, East Campus Complex, DPR and Henson Hall 
  • Friday, March 13th: Holloway Hall, Honors House, Maggs Annex, Maggs, ES, Perdue Hall, Philosophy House and Student Art Center 
  • Monday, March 16th: Academic Commons, Admissions House, Alumni House, C1, C2, and CN. 
  • Tuesday, March 17th: Chesapeake Hall, Commons Bldg, Foundation, Gallery Bldg, Grounds Facility and Guerrieri Student Union 
  • Wednesday, March 18th: Indoor Tennis Center, Maintenance Bldg, Medical SIM Center, Pocomoke Hall, D1, and Scarborough Leadership House 
  • Thursday, March 19th: Seagull Square, Seagull Stadium, Support Services, University Analysis, University Fitness and Wayne Garage, Sports Information, Event Services 

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Always-On VPN
 (SU-owned Windows laptops only) Salisbury University’s new Virtual Private Network (VPN), Global Protect, allows for secure remote access to many of SU’s technology resources when off campus. This requires your SU owned Windows laptop to have a special install that IT Help Desk/Support can help install.  We’re excited to announce that we have upgraded our VPN to include access on SU-owned Windows laptops to: 

  • Mapped Network Drive Files 
  • Tiered Applications (many SU applications that you use for daily activities)
  • Queue Based Printing 

Remote Desktop 
will allow you to connect from a personal computer at home to your SU Windows computer at your desk if needed. This requires permission from your supervisor and setup, which the IT department will assist in configuring. 

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Microsoft Office @ Home 
allows university employees to download the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook and One Drive. 

  • Download and Install Office365 for Personal Computers: 

How to download and install Microsoft 365 for Windows computers

How to download and install Microsoft 365 for Macintosh computers

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Workspace (web applications)
 allows for access to many applications that are available on-campus. 

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LinkedIn Learning 
is the university’s professional development and training resource. Faculty, Staff, and Perdue School Students can login from anywhere and watch videos and take courses about some of today’s top technology software, and learn about various topics of interest. 

Network Drive Access
is available through our Global Protect VPN system. 

is accessible 24 hours a day at from any device by simply entering your SU email address and password.