To Schedule a Meeting:

1. Go to and Sign In with your University Login.

2. With Meetings selected in the left pane select Schedule a Meeting in the middle of the page.

3. Fill in the information for your meeting.

If this will be an ongoing, regularly scheduled meeting, choose Recurring meeting and enter the information on when it is held. 

Please note: Zoom is a tool for both audio and video conferencing. Video is turned off by default when scheduling new meetings, but attendees joining your audio conference from their computer will have the option to turn on their own video.

Enable join before host:  If you would like your callers to be able to enter the meeting before you dial in, please check the Enable join before host box when scheduling your meeting.

Alternate Host:  If you are scheduling a meeting for someone else please add them as an Alternative Host.  This will allow the meeting to begin without you being present and/or continue once you have left the meeting.  

Recording the meeting:  Due to the sensitive nature of Zoom calls including the President and members of the Executive Staff, and in accordance with Salisbury University’s existing best-practices for Zoom, meetings should only be recorded if all attendees are advised before signing on.  These guidelines will help to ensure privacy and the protection of sensitive information. If you have any questions, please contact Eli Modlin, Chief of Staff to the President.

4. Click Save.

5. Invite participants by calendar invite or by email:

Add the meeting information to your Outlook calendar: Click Outlook Calendar (.ics) to download the meeting information. Click on the downloaded .ics file to open and save the appointment. 

Alternately, you can click Copy the invitation to capture the meeting information, then paste into an email to invitees. 

You can edit the information provided by Zoom to delete info your audience doesn't need e.g., international numbers, or the San Jose/New York labels on the call-in phone numbers. (Either US phone number will work regardless of call origination location, however the participants' usual carrier charges will apply.)

For further instructions click this link for a  Zoom Video Tutorial on Scheduling a Meeting

To Cancel a Meeting:

Go to and Sign In with your University Login.

With Meetings selected in the left pane select the meeting you would like to cancel from your list of meetings.

At the bottom of the meeting settings select Delete.  

A confirmation box will appear informing you that the meeting will be recoverable for 7 days.  Click Delete again to continue.  

You may also install the Zoom Outlook Plugin found at 

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