If you have recorded Zoom sessions of meetings created within your MyClasses course and they were saved to the cloud, you can share these recordings with your students by publishing the recording. 

Publishing Class Recordings

  1. In your MyClasses course, select Zoom on your course menu.
  2. Within the Zoom area select the fourth tab titled "Cloud Recordings". This page will list each recording for your given course.

  3. Along the far-right column titled "Publish" you will notice a slider next to each recording. Unpublished recordings will display as grey and will only be visible to the instructor. Select the slide to Publish the recording to make it visible to your students. It will turn blue and the circle will move to the right to indicate the recording is now published.


  4. When students select Zoom from the course menu, they will use the Could Recordings tab to located previous class sessions. Select the title of the recording to begin playing the session.

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