Install the Desktop Client in AppXtender 16.6

    The Desktop Client AppXtender 16.6 is available in the  Software Center for installation.

        1. Go to Windows Programs    bottom left taskbar.    Left <CLICK>  to show programs. Scroll down until you see  "Software Center"  or Search for Software Center.

2.  Find the AppXtender 16.6 Software - 

          a) filter on Imaging software




           c) <CLICK>  to install 


d)  <CLICK> on the INSTALL 



The Desktop Client is Installed....

3) Check the program is installed -   go to Window  <<LEFT CLICK>>   to show programs installed.


             No ApplicationXtender Software shows in the PROGRAM list!   HELP!

BUT Wait... there is a new OPEN TEXT Program??? 


All of the same components are there however, they reside under OpenText in AppXtender 16.6.


4)   Access the Document Manager  Program  to review documents – (and check the install) 



5) If you do not see the scanning toolbar and you have a scanner attached;


You are evaluating Refined.