The SU Imaging System is a method of taking paper forms and converting them to electronic documents which can be then filed, annotated, edited and otherwise manipulated. The imaging system consists of two parts: scanning (or imaging) and document filing and editing. Consider it an electronic filing cabinet that allows departments to go “paperless.”

Login location

Access to Imaging

  • Access to the Imaging/WebExtender must be requested through the IT Department(EIS).

Imaging and Document Scanning

Paper documents are scanned and prepared for filing using Kofax scanning software on a stand-alone scanning station, or by making a request with Imaging and Data Processing Center Services (IDP).

Electronic Filing and Editing

Once you have your documents ready you can import them into the Imaging System. We use a program called ApplicationXtender by EMC. This is a web based application that is accessible through a link on the GullNet page ( Whichever version you choose to use, you will log in with your SU username and password.

In most cases, people import the files created through the Imaging and Document Scanning. However, the Imaging system can also import other document files, like TIF, PDF, Word, etc.

Who Uses the Imaging System?

Anyone needing to electronically file and manipulate documents. Currently it is heavily used by Admissions, the Registrar’s Office, Accounts Payable, Financial Aid, the IDP office (for scanning) and most departmental Admin Assistants.


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