Faculty can now use an import feature to bring their data into Activity Insights easily. There is a good chance that citations of faculty publications are already stored in another software system such as a reference manager or database — for example, EndNote, Google Scholar, Mendeley, RefWorks, Scopus, Web of Science or Zotero. Those software systems enable you to pick records and then export them into a BibTeX file. BibTeX is the most broadly supported standardized way to structure publication citations in a file. This makes it easy to move citations between two software applications. You export citations from one software application into a BibTeX file and then import that file into another software application. In this case, you are exporting from another software application and importing into Activity Insight. This feature enables you to upload an exported BibTeX file so that you do not need to rekey those citations.

PubMed, Web of Science and Crossref are an additional major feature for importing citations for users. Faculty can now pull their citations into Activity Insight directly from PubMed without first saving them into a BibTeX file.

  1. Click on Manage Activities from the left menu. 
  2. Find the Intellectual Contributions under the Scholarship/Research heading. 
  3. From there, you can click the Import Items button. 
  4. Choose the service that you will be searching and select the search criteria:
  5. A list of matching selections will be displayed on the screen. Click on the checkbox to the left of each correctly matching item.
  6. Choose Continue at the top right to begin the import.
  7. Faculty Success will then search the import to ensure that your account matches the information provided within the citation. If it does not automatically locate this information, you can click on the Match to user account link to find your name in the list. You can also match additional SU faculty that may have co-authored with you. If you do this, the import will also add the citation to the other faculty member's activity insight.

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