When using Internet Explorer some images, search boxes and other items are overlayed with X's. These X's may multiply or fracture when hovered over.

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This only seems to occur on Windows machines using Internet Explorer and Edge, not Chrome or Firefox. This does not seem to affect all users of IE and edge.

Fix 1: 

It could be an issue with the graphic card driver Update the video card drivers and restart. 

Fix 2: 

Turn on Software Rendering instead of GPU rendering.

  1. Open Control Panel, and go to Tools>Internet Options and click the Advanced tab.  
    1. To open control panel in Windows 10, search for Control Panel using the Search (magnifying glass) on the task bar.
  2. In the Accelerated graphics section of the Settings window, place a check in the box next to "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering."
  3. Click OK.

You will need to restart IE or Edge and you may need to restart the computer to complete the fix.

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