Step-by-step guide

After completing the Duo enrollment, you'll see the Duo Prompt the next time you login to a Salisbury University web service or application protected with Duo.

Login to the SU application(GullNet/MyClasses/etc) of your choice as you normally would.

Once you click Login, you will be greeted with the Duo Authentication screen.  Depending on your device authentication method you will complete one of the following options:

A,  If you are using a mobile device to authenticate you may automatically be sent a DUO Push.  Alternatively you can select Other Options then DUO Push to receive an Approval Request on your Duo Mobile device.

To complete the authentication go to the Duo Mobile App on your mobile device and press Approve.


B.  If you would like to authenticate via text select Other Options and click Text message passcode.  

  You will receive a text on your designated mobile number.  Enter the passcode received in the Enter a Passcode field to proceed with login

C.  If you are using a Hardware Token select Enter a Passcode.  On your Hardware Token press the power button then enter the 6 digit number shown on your hardware token in the Enter a Passcode field.  

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D.  As an alternative you may find yourself without internet or cellular service, in this case you may use the DUO Mobile Passcode located in the DUO Mobile App.

Select Other Options then choose to authenticate with the CUO Mobile Passcode and enter the passcode from the app on your device.  

**Please click the Trust Browser box so that you will not have to use the Passcode again for 12 hours (as long as you continue to use the same browser).