Select the Wi-Fi icon from the bottom right corner of the screen and choose SU-Connect from the list of available networks.

Open Chrome and go to 

You will be prompted to Install the Chrome Extension, select Install to complete.

When prompted choose Add to Chrome for the JoinNow MultiOS extension and Add Extension to verify the extension is added.

Enter your SU username(email address without or and password.  

You will then be prompted with instructions to "Switch to the newly opened tab, then Import the downloaded ONC configuration file."  

Go to the new tab opened at the top of your screen and select the blue link under Import ONC file.  You will notice the Join Now extension active in the top right corner, do not disable the extension.


Select Choose File under Import ONC File and select the recently downloaded SecureW2.owc file then press Open

Your Chromebook will now change from SU-Connect to SU-Secure.  If it does not change over automatically select SU-Secure from the list of available networks.