A personal meeting ID (PMI) is a dedicated 10 digit number which is assigned to each Zoom account.  Your Personal Meeting Room is a virtual meeting room permanently reserved for you that you can access with your Personal Meeting ID (PMI).  Changing your PMI to your office number will allow others to easily reach you during open hours.  

To change you PMI log into https://salisbury.zoom.us/ with your SU email address and password. 

Under your Profile in the section titled Personal Meeting ID select Edit.

Enter the number you would like to use for your PMI (preferably your office number).

Be sure to check the box titled "Use Personal Meeting ID for instant meetings".

Click Save Changes.

To change the settings for your Personal Meeting Room select Meetings from the column on the left.

Choose Personal Meeting Room from the list of meeting types then select Edit to change the settings.

From here you can change the settings of your Personal Meeting Room to your preferences including requiring a password, enabling join before host, or enabling the waiting room feature.

Click Save once you have made changes.

If you are using the Zoom App you can login using the instructions found here.  Then click on the settings icon in the top right followed by Profile then Edit My Profile before completing the steps above. 

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