AVS Office Hours- Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Jennifer Caddell, Supervisor; Office: TE201C Phone: 410-543-6463

Email: jccaddell@salisbury.edu

Wayne Earp, IT Support Associate

James Ellis, IT Support Associate

AVS Responsibilities 


Things to keep in mind

Integrated Media Center and Equipment Checkout Hours

Knowledge base link: https://kb.salisbury.edu/display/TSC/Integrated+Media+Center

During the Spring and Fall Semesters:

Monday through Thursday: 8:30AM to Midnight

Friday: 8:30AM to 5:00PM

Sunday: 3:30PM to Midnight for the Integrated Media Center only.

Contact information/Questions about Services

Equipment checkout information - 410-677-0298 (on campus x70298)

9 AM to 5PM weekdays all calls will be referred to Ray Fantini x36231 (410-543-6231) and if not available go to the email address rafantini@salisbury.edu

5PM to 11:30 PM Sunday thru Thursday calls will be referred to Michael Camillo x70031 (410-677-0031) and if not available go to the email address mwcamillo@salisbury.edu