Employees need to sign the Acceptable Use Policy and Policy Receipt Acknowledgement sections to unlock their full access to GullNet.

For the Acceptable Use Policy (Required)

If the Policy Receipt Acknowledgement is requested/required:

All boxes in the Policy Receipt Acknowledgement must be checked. The left hand boxes are manually checked in most cases. The right hand boxes and the radio buttons require you to click a link. Make sure all of the boxes on both the left and right side are checked before clicking Save.

Be aware that some of the links may be broken, or may download files to your computer. Once clicked, the check mark will appear on the right, regardless of whether or not it successfully opened.

Granting Access

The Acceptable Use Policy and Policy Receipt Acknowledgement can also be found under the Main Menu.  Once these agreements have been completed, a job will run to process the agreements and grant you full access to GullNet. This job runs every four hours, starting at 12:00 AM each day.

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