If your instructor creates a cloud assignment with a Microsoft OneDrive file, you can open the assignment, edit the document directly in the web browser using Office 365, and submit your changes as your assignment submission.

When you open the assignment, Office 365 will create a copy of the file as your submission. You can open the document and make changes per the assignment instructions. When you are ready to submit the assignment, return to the assignment page and submit the assignment. The copied document is also added to your OneDrive folder for the course.

Cloud assignments are treated the same way as any other type of assignment submission. When you submit your assignment, your instructor will view the assignment exactly as it is when you click the Submit button. Even though cloud assignments can still be modified in the assignment page, any changes you make to the assignment after the submission cannot be viewed by your instructor unless you submit the assignment again as a resubmission.

Please Note

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Step-by-step guide 

Sign in to MyClasses and select the desired course from your dashboard. Then, log in to Office 365.

  1. Click on the Assignments link in the course navigation menu.
    The assignments link on a course navigation menu is highlighted

  2. Click the name of the assignment.
    An assignment name has been highlighted.

  3. You may be prompted to load the Office 365 tool in a new browser window. Click on the button that prompts you to load the assignment in a new window.

  4. To open the assignment in Microsoft Word Online, click the Edit Document drop-down menu and select Edit [1].

    To complete the assignment with the full functionality of Microsoft Word, click the Edit Document drop-down menu and select Open in Desktop App [2].

    To open the assignment in a separate window, click the Open button [3].
    The selected assignment is open in Microsoft Word Online.

  5. Make edits directly to the document as necessary to complete the assignment. Word will periodically save your changes.
    The assignment is open and able to be edited. An arrow at the top indicates that the assignment has been saved.

    If you are in the desktop app, click on the save icon to ensure that your edits have been saved. 
    In the Microsoft Word desktop app, an arrow points to the save icon at the top of the document page.

  6. When you are ready to submit the assignment, verify that all edits have been saved. If you are using the desktop app, close the app and return to the assignment page.
    Then, click the Submit button on the assignment page.
    Next to the Open button, the Submit button has been highlighted.

  7. After clicking Submit, a new page will open, confirming that your assignment was submitted. Click the Finished button.
    If you need to make changes, you can edit the assignment again and submit the assignment as a re-submission.
    On a new page, the Finished button is highlighted. The date and time of submission is also visible on the page.

  8. After clicking Finished, you will return to the assignment in Microsoft Word Online.
    At the top of the page, you will see a confirmation of submission, including the date and time the assignment was submitted. 
    On the assignment page in Microsoft Word Online, the submission confirmation is highlighted.

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