FileLinks are direct links to files. The primary use case is to be able to send links to files when you don't necessarily know the recipient before hand, or just want something quick and easy. It's also great for posting links in online forums, in instant messaging apps and so on.

The FileLink interface can be reached by selecting FileLink in the menu bar.    

Select New File Link to upload a new file.

The options available include

  1. Select a file (in this screenshot that has already been done).
  2. You can Remove the file and Select another.
  3. Set for how long this FileLink is available for.
  4. Set if you wish to receive Download confirmations when someone's downloaded this file.
  5. If users are required to login to this system to access the FileLink.
  6. You can set a password that needs to be entered in order to access this FileLink.
  7. Or instead of uploading a new file, you can select any of the currently existing files to create a FileLink with.

When a user is visiting the FileLink, they will see the following pages depending on the requirements.

They must login if authentication was required in the steps above.

They will receive an email with a validation code to validate their email.

If the files is password protected the receiver must enter the password.

The user will then be able to download the file.

If you have requested a read receipt you will receive the following information via email.

When you visit one of your own FileLink pages, will see the following page.

  1. The file details including filename, file size and SHA-256 checksum (same as any other user).
  2. You can see/update the FileLink expiration date.
  3. You can see/update the Download Receipt Status.
  4. You can see/update the Require Authentication requirement.
  5. Clicking the copy FileLink to clipboard button will copy the URL to the FileLink to the clipboard.
  6. You can see if a password has been set and update as needed.
  7. The list of all downloads for this FileLink.

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