1. Go to Settings on your iPhone and choose Wi-Fi click on the circled i next to all SU networks and turn off (turn to grey) Auto-Join

2. Go to Settings on your iPhone and choose General.  Scroll Down to Profile and select the Salisbury University profile installed.  Click Remove Profile for the profile to be removed from your device. 

*If you do not see a Profile listed please proceed to step 2.


2. Return to the Wi-Fi settings.  Click the circled i next to all SU networks and choose Forget this Network if it was a remembered network. 

3. Select and connect to the SU-Connect wireless network from the list of Wi-Fi connections available.

3. Open any web browser and navigate to if it does not automatically open that page.

4. Choose Personally Owned Device or Salisbury University Owned Devices (having an SU tag).
device type screen

5. Input your SU username and password and click the JoinNow button.

6.  Choose to Allow the website to download the configuration file.

7. The following screen will appear after allowing the download of the profile. Click Close and navigate to Settings on your iPhone.

8. Under Settings on your iPhone, there will be a Profile Downloaded item near the top of your settings. Open the Profile Downloaded.

9. Click Install.

10. Put in your iPhone passcode.

11.  Click Install

12. Click Done

13. Go to Settings and under Wi-Fi, click on SU-Secure.

14.  Click Trust certificate for

You can see that you are now connected to SU-Secure by looking in Settings and checking Wi-Fi connection.