This article describes how to view files that have been shared with you using the OneDrive local client on a Windows PC or Mac.

To view files Shared with Me on the local OneDrive Client(in File Explorer) items must be in a shared folder.  Individual Files cannot be synced to be viewed on the local client.  

Go to and login with your SU credentials.

Click on the OneDrive logo in the list of applications to the left to go to your OneDrive account.

Go to Shared and select Shared with you at the top to see files that have been shared with you.

Select the Folder you wish to be displayed on the OneDrive Desktop App.

  • Please note that the Folder cannot be empty in order to sync to the OneDrive Desktop App.

Once you have selected the Shared folder at the top you will see the Add shortcut to My files option.

Select Add shortcut to My files and the folder will be shown in the My files folder.  See below, the blue link icon at the bottom of the folder notes that the item is a shortcut from your Shared folder. 

You can then Sync your OneDrive account to be shown in your File Explorer.  

Select Open Microsoft OneDrive

When opening your file explorer to view OneDrive through the desktop app you will now see the Shared folders marked with shortcut icon.