The following are instructions or how to use Workspace via an off campus personal device(using the client).  Please see Accessing Workspace virtual applications-On Campus/SU computer for instructions to be used when on an SU device on campus. 

Browse to via your internet browser

In the upper right-hand corner, click on your name and use the drop down to navigate and click on Account 

Under Preferences>Horizon Remote Apps verify Horizon Client is selected and choose Install

To the left of your OS version select Go to Downloads

Select Download and you will see the client application downloading at the bottom of your browser window.

Double click the downloaded file and click Agree & Install to install the Horizon client

Once the Horizon Client is installed go back to and choose the application(Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc) you wish to open. Select Launch then choose Open Horizon Client

A pop up box will appear at the top of the screen.  Click on Open URL:VMware Horizon Client Protocol

You will receive a message asking "Do you want to share your removable storage and local files when using remote desktop applications?"  You must click Allow in order to transfer files from your P drive to your local C drive.  

Please be sure to follow the tutorial for Using OneDrive in Workspace to set up your OneDrive account for saving in Workspace.