Use the links below to access your email from anywhere using a web browser.

Faculty, Staff, and Students - Microsoft 365 Outlook WebApp

Faculty, Staff, and Students use Microsoft Office 365 to check email online. 

Log into Microsoft Office 365 using your full SU email address as the username (e.g. or and your SU password.  

Attachment size limits: Microsoft Outlook has a 30 MB size limit for total mail message size (mail message + attachment) for sending and receiving. Max size for sending to pre-populated groups is 3MB.

Mailbox size limits: Microsoft 365 Outlook WebApp has a 100 GB mailbox limit.

Faculty and Staff Online Archive Mailbox:  SU faculty and staff your Microsoft Office 365 email contains an Online Archive Mailbox which can hold and additional 100 GB of archived emails.  You will see this mailbox, listed as Online Archive-Username, at the bottom of your available Mailboxes in Outlook (see instructions here).  

Mail over 2 years old automatically moves to the Archive Mailbox in the same folder structure as your standard mailbox.

Mail over 10 years old will be automatically deleted and unrecoverable. 


SU student email accounts are deleted one year after your last semester at SU.

Alumni who have graduated within 1 year will continue to check their email through Office365 as described above. Alumni should be transitioning to a post-graduation personal email address during the one year grace period following graduation. Some things graduates may want to consider doing during this time.

  • If you haven't already, set up a new email address with one of the free service providers, like Gmail or Outlook.
  • Your new email provider may be able to import your email and contacts. If so, you will need your POP and/or IMAP settings. To find your settings, log into your student email and click Help. Search for POP and then click on POP and IMAP settings.
  • Set an automatic reply to tell senders of your new email address by clicking Settings and then choosing Automatic replies.
  • Set up a forwarding rule for your email by clicking Settings and then search for Forwarding.
  • Update any external accounts that may use your SU email for the username, contact or password retrieval.
  • Keep in mind that automatic replies and forwarding rules will only be in effect while your account is active. Once it's removed after the one year grace period, anyone sending an email to your address will receive a bounce-back email that the account no longer exists.

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