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To start building your ePortfolio in Portfolium: 

  1. Log into MyClasses and click on your Account setting icon.

    MyClasses global navigation with Account option selected
    1. Click on Folio from the Account option menu. You may notice that there is also currently an "ePortfolios" option on this menu; skip this option and click on Folio to link to the Portfolium Network.
      MyClasses account settings menu options with the Folio link selected.

      titleWhat's the difference between "ePortfolios" and "Folio?"

      ePortfolios is the original, native Canvas portfolio tool, but it is not a robust feature in MyClasses. Instead of building out this feature, Canvas acquired Portfolium to eventually replace the current ePortfolio option. In time, after a migration period towards Folio, Folio will remain as the sole ePortfolio option.

  2. The first time you access Folio, you will be taken to a Folio landing page that prompts you to either import from Canvas (MyClasses) or add a New Project in order to start building your portfolio. You can select either of these options to get started.
    Folio page that prompts to Import from Canvas or add a new project to start building a folio.

  3. Authorize Portfolium and MyClasses to link using your SU email address.
    Portfolium authorization with the SU email autofilled. Additional prompts require creating a password, adding a birthdate, accepting Portfolium policies, and continuing to when the information is entered.
    1. Set a password; if you go directly to to work on your ePortfolio, you can log in with your SU email and the password you set here.
    2. Add your birthdate.
    3. Read and agree to the Portfolium terms of service and privacy policy.
    4. Continue to your Portfolium account, using your SU email.

      titleEmail options

      Linking your SU MyClasses account and your Portfolium account using your SU email allows you to import assignment submissions from MyClasses directly into your ePortfolio. However, you can add an additional email address to your account for continued access to this portfolio even after you graduate. This portfolio can be used to apply to jobs after graduation, and can continue as a professional portfolio in your career.

  4. Once you verify your email and link MyClasses to Portfolium, a new tab will open in where you can start building out your SU ePortfolio. Review these additional Getting Started with Portfolium guides for building out your ePortfolio. 
    an overview of the landing page with the option to attach files to start building an ePortfolio of work.