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Eduroam provides universal network access across educational institutions that subscribe to the service. When institutions subscribe to the service, they agree to broadcast the eduroam wireless SSID to allow for visitors access. Their own traveling members also gain reciprocal rights to other eduroam-enabled campuses across the world. Those wishing to use the eduroam SSID should configure for access prior to travel. The process for configuring a wireless device is much the same as signing in to use SU’s standard campus wireless network. Users may configure their systems for use of eduroam through a few steps that prepare your devices for access at participating eduroam sites. A list of locations with eduroam access can be found here:

For SU Faculty, Staff, and Students

Connecting to Eduroam at Salisbury University

  1. Connect to the SU-Connect wireless network on your device.
  2. Wait for the browser to open (or open the browser manually on the device)
  3. Select eduroam device option
  4. Enter your SU email address and password

Connecting to Eduroam at Other Locations

  1. Upon arriving at the participating location, connect to the eduroam wireless network
  2. If prompted, enter your SU email address and password

For Visitors to SU

Your home institution has to be an Eduroam provider. 

If you have already setup your device to connect to eduraom wifi from your home institution:

  1. Upon arriving at the participating location, connect to the Eduroam wireless network
  2. If prompted, enter your email address and password

If you have not already setup your device from your home institution, you will have to check with your home institution for directions for onboarding your device.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to onboard your device using SU's Eduroam onboarding process.


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