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  1. Open OneNote and if you haven't already, sign into your OneDrive .Click on Account. If you aren't already signed into your OneDrive account you may need to Switch Account.
  2. For students, use your SU account/email for your Office365 account.
  3. For faculty, you will need to use a Microsoft account at account at You won't be able to create one using your SU email, so we recommend creating an account with the same username to make it identifiable to your and select OneNote
  4. Open the notebook you wish to share.
  5. Click File and then click Share.
    1. If you haven't logged into your Microsoft/Office 365 account yet, you can do so through the Account option in this menu. Then click Share.
  6. You have some options to share: Share with People/Invite People; Get a Sharing Link; Share With Meeting.Share with Meeting uses Office365 Skype for Business, which is not available for faculty and should not be used.

Share with People/Invite People