If you are receiving the below prompt requiring an update to your Zoom application, the below instructions will allow you to update Zoom.  

You must be on an SU device with Always-On or on campus to complete the below update.  If you are on a personal device please visit the Zoom Update Tutorial for information.  

Click on the magnifying glass in the bottom left corner or your screen.

Type Software and select the Software Center application from the list.

In Software Center be sure Applications is highlighted on the left hand side and type Zoom in the search bar on the top right. 

Select the Zoom app from the available applications listed. 

Click Install to install the new Zoom version.  

When the install is complete the word Install will change to Uninstall.  

You can now choose Zoom from the list of available applications(by selecting the windows icon in the bottom left corner).  

Click Sign In and then Sign in with SSO.

Enter Salisbury in the company domain field.  

You will be taken to the internet to complete the login using your su credentials and authenticate with DUO.

Select Launch Zoom for the Zoom client just installed to open.  

You are evaluating Refined.