To have the ability to save to OneDrive while using applications in Workspace it must first be configured.   

To make OneDrive available to access from Workspace

Go to and login with your SU login and password

Select Configure OneDrive from the list of available applications

Complete the OneDrive set up.  Your username will be populated automatically. 

If you are prompted to authenticate with DUO be sure to approve as needed.

Please note that the location of your OneDrive folder cannot be changed.  Leave the selection as it is and click Next to continue.

Once complete you will see the below screen stating Your OneDrive is ready for you

To use OneDrive from Workspace

After you have completed the above initiation process you will see OneDrive-Salisbury University available as location when saving files in various applications. 

**When saving files always be sure the sync process has completed prior to closing to avoid from data loss. 

A file that is still being synced to OneDrive will show the rotating arrows icon as shown below

When you are using applications via workspace and running the Horizon Client you may see an additional OneDrive icon just left of the green Horizon Icon.  Two clouds represent OneDrive running on your personal device and within workspace.