Each of our IT computer labs have access to a black and white laser printer within the lab itself. Faculty, staff and students have a print queue of 300 pages per week, which resets every Sunday. Specialty paper stock, such as resume paper, is not compatible with lab printers; however, there is a resume printer available in PH 141 for use with specialty paper.

For information on how to release your print jobs using the GoPrint system please see this article:

Releasing print jobs from the GoPrint release station

**If you are trying to print from your personal computer, this is called Mobile Printing.  There are directions on how to do mobile printing located here: Mobile Printing using PrinterOn

Black and White

For black and white printing, you can now print using the selected printer of Campus_Wide_Printer from anywhere on campus and retrieve your print job at any GoPrint Printer on campus.  Simply print to Campus_Wide_Printer and then proceed to any GoPrint Release Station.  Enter your user name and password then select the job you wish to print and click Continue.

Public Printer Locations
Fulton Hall 145
Fulton Hall 142
Perdue Hall 248
Perdue Hall 141
TETC 112
TETC 351
TETC 352
Academic Commons 1st Floor
Academic Commons 2nd Floor

Academic Commons 3rd Floor

Academic Commons 4th Floor


IT provides access to color printing in both the Fulton Hall and TETC labs. Color printing costs 50 cents per page and is deducted from your Gull Card. You must have funds available on your Gull Card in order to print; we are unable to accept cash. You may put funds on your Gull Card at http://gullcard.salisbury.edu. There is also color printing available in the Academic Commons at the Library Circulation Desk.

To print, select Campus_Wide_Printer, and then print the document. Then, go to ANY GoPrint Color Printer. Sign into the GOPrint station and select your print, and then swipe your Gull Card to pay for your prints and release the job to the printer. 

Color Printer Locations
TETC 110A, TETC 110B, TETC 116B
TETC 213g
Fulton Hall 142 and Fulton Hall 145
Academic Commons Library Circulation Desk
Perdue Hall 141

Note, to reduce print times and avoid print errors, it may be beneficial to print PDFs and PowerPoint slides as grayscale (black and white) rather than in color.

Résumé Printing

Students wishing to print out résumés or other printouts on colored paper, résumé or cardstock can do so using the Résumé Printing Station located in the Perdue Hall 141 IT Computer Lab. Instructions are located at the printer. This station is for use with plain or colored paper, pre-printed letterhead, résumé or cardstock laser paper only. Please do not use paper made specifically for inkjets or place labels in this printer.

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