This guide covers the campus-bulletin-digest and how to use it to post advertisements.

About the campus-bulletin-digest

The campus-bulletin-digest (aka CBD) is a listserv that was created to allow current students, faculty and staff to the entire campus without overloading the system or flooding your inbox with email. The CBD is used in the same way as most classifieds: for announcements, roommate searches, items for sale, etc. Like all University communications, it is covered by the Acceptable Use Policy and the E-mail Acceptable Use Policy, so make sure that your advertisement meets University standards when submitting (no foul language, alcohol promotion, advertisements for outside businesses, etc.). You are responsible for the content of your ad.

The campus-bulletin-digest mails out once a day with all of the previous day’s submissions. For example, an ad submitted to the CBD on Wednesday would appear in the Thursday emailing. The CBD only mails when there is content available.

In order to view, subscribe or submit to the Campus-Bulletin-Digest, you must be a current student, faculty or staff member, and must be subscribed using your current SU email address.

Subscribing to the Campus-Bulletin-Digest

All current SU students, faculty and staff are automatically subscribed to the campus-bulletin-digest. However, if you need to manually subscribe, you can do so at Click the Campus-bulletin link, and then scroll down to Subscribing to Campus-bulletin. You must be a current SU student, faculty or staff member to subscribe to the CBD and can only subscribe using your current SU email address.
subscribing to the campus-bulletin

To unsubscribe from the CBD, you can do so at . Select Software & Applications from the list and click Unsubscribe from Campus Bulletin Digest. Enter your information including email address and then click Create.  A ticket will be created to have you removed from the subscriber list.  

Submitting an ad to the campus-bulletin-digest

To submit an advertisement to the campus-bulletin-digest, you can send a new email to Place the headline of your advertisement in the Subject line, and place your advertisement in the body of the message. The submission must meet the following criteria.

  • You must be a current Salisbury University student, faculty or staff member to submit.
  • The submission must come from your Salisbury University account using Outlook, Outlook Web Access, or Live@Edu. Submissions from other addresses will be discarded.
  • The ad must be in Plain Text only, and not HTML format.
    • In Outlook, in your mail message, click the Format Text tab. Select Plain Text from the Format group.
    • In Outlook Web Access and Live@Edu, in your mail message, click the HTML drop-down menu and select Plain Text. For Outlook Web Access, if you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, you will not have this option. In that case, use plain text only in your body, and do not use colors, images, etc.
  • The ad must be a new email. Do not reply to a previous CBD.
  • The ad cannot contain attachments.
  • Submit only one version of your ad per day. Duplicate submissions will be deleted.
  • Do not put anything in the CC: or BCC: fields. Submit only to the CBD.

The CBD strips out duplicate submissions. You cannot set up the CBD to run an advertisement over a span of days. You will have to resubmit your advertisement for every day you wish for it to run.

Make sure that you proofread your advertisement prior to sending. You cannot retract your submission once the mail has been received. 

Macintosh users

Mac users who use the Microsoft Outlook application may find that their submissions are garbled, even when submitting using Plain Text. This is a known issue; the workaround is to use Campus Email Web Access to send your submission to the CBD until a fix for Outlook for Mac can be discovered and implemented.

To send through webmail, you will need to change to plain text. When composing your submission, click the options menu (three dots) and select Switch to plain text.

switch to plain text in outlook web app

Other Ways to Advertise

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