Customer is trying to post a comment on a discussion and with in the discussion is trying to attach a file but MyClasses is giving an error saying "user storage quota exceeded".

Step-by-step guide

To clean-up your files that count against your file storage:

  1. Log into MyClasses and click Account from the left global navigation (This is the option with your pineapple profile image).
    MyClasses Account Menu
  2. Click Files.
  3. The two main folders that count against your file storage are conversation attachments and profile pictures.  If you click on the conversation attachments, notice that in this example the Final Pitch.pptx is 146.6 MB (which is using most of the storage space).
    MyClasses Download
  4. Move your mouse to the right of the row of the desired file (past the green circle with a check mark) and an icon with three dots will appear. Select this icon and select the options of Download (to retain the file and possibly save it to a location of your choice) and then Delete to free up space in your MyClasses account.