This page contains links to online instructions for different browsers to disable popup blockers.


Browsers are frequently updated and with updates and new versions may come new instructions. If the instructions here are not correct, you may need to perform a web search for the instructions that work with your browser and device.

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge


General advice

  1. In most cases, the popup blocking setting can be found under Settings or Preferences.
  2. It is usually considered an advanced setting.
  3. For mobile devices, this may be in the device's settings, or within the preferences or settings of a particular app.
  4. Try searching for "pop-up blocker <browser> and/or <device>" where <browser> is the name of the browser and <device> is the name of the device that you are using.
    1. E.g., "pop-up blocker chrome mac" would return instructions for pop-up blocking on google chrome for Mac OS.

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