When faculty begin to enter data within Digital Measures for Promotions and Tenure, there are specific steps to follow. You can save your progress on this task and return at any time to complete other requirements. Below is a step-by-step guide to completing this task:

  1. Click on Workflow and choose the Promotion and Tenure Task
  2. Faculty will see a workflow of submission areas that must be completed to route their "binder" to the next step:

    1. Application Contract
    2. Provost's Statement of Eligibility
    3. Application and Tenure
    4. Annual Chair Evaluations
    5. Annual Self-Evaluations
    6. Letters of Support
    7. Summary of Evidence of Teaching
    8. Summary and Evidence of Professional Development
    9. Summary of Evidence of Service to the University
    10. Addendum Items
    11. Tenure Report (auto-generated by Digital Measures)
  3. Each of the areas above require either an upload or typed submission. If you leave a required field blank, you will not be able to route (or submit) your documentation to the next step
  4. Reminder - You must include all required information within the Activity Insight area so that the Tenure Report will reflect your most recent submissions. BEFORE you route the documents, you MUST click the Refresh Report icon at the bottom of the page so that the report has the latest data you have entered into the system:
  5. To submit the documentation, click the Route button at the top right of the screen.

  6. You can then return to the Workflow > Task screen at any time to see what step the process is currently sitting in.