1. Log into GullNet using your user name and GullNet password. 
  2. From the left hand side menu, click on the Administrative Survey link. 
    administrative survey
  3. Click the maximize button in the upper right hand corner of the new window to allow more room for the survey.
  4. The Administrative Survey screen should default to the current Academic Year.  Click on the search button to bring up all of your available surveys.
    search surveys
  5. You will be presented with a list of available surveys.  Click the desired evaluation to complete.  Notice the Done Indicator that shows which ones have already been completed.  If you would like to change your answers on an already completed survey, you can do so by clicking on that survey.
    search results
  6. Your administrative survey should appear similar to this:
    survey example
  7. The survey does not have to be finished in one sitting.  Clicking Save Answers at the bottom of the screen anytime will allow you to finish where you left off at a later time.  When you have completed the survey and are ready to submit your evaluation, click Submit Final Answers and Complete the Survey at the bottom of the screen.  To submit your evaluation, all multiple choice questions must have answers.
    submit final answers
  8. You will receive a confirmation screen for your completion of the survey. Keep in mind that even though you have completed the survey, you may still update your answers until the survey closing date.  In order to record your answers as part of survey results, you must remember to submit your final answers and complete the survey. 
    confirmation message

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When are the evaluations available to take in GullNet? 
    1. Evaluations will be available from mid-September through the Friday prior to Thanksgiving break.
  2. Who can take the evaluations?
    1. All full-time faculty who are teaching a course during the academic year being evaluated as well as full-time library faculty.
  3. Are the evaluations anonymous?
    1. Yes, your survey will remain anonymous to all administrators.  The feedback from each survey is compiled to a summary report and there is no correlation to individual responses.
  4. Can I start the evaluation and finish it at a later time?
    1. Yes, simply click on Save Answers located at the bottom of the survey page.  Your answers will be saved and you can return to the evaluation at a more convenient time.  Remember you must come back to the evaluation and click Submit final answers and complete the survey in order for your answers to be included with administrator results.
  5. How often and how long will I receive email notifications about the administrative evaluations?
    1. You will receive one email notification weekly which will list all of your surveys that are not complete.  Once you complete all surveys, you will no longer receive the email.  To complete a survey, you must click Submit final answers and complete the survey for that survey.
  6. When will the administrators be able to access the survey results?
    1. Survey results will not be available to anyone until 1 day after the closing date of all surveys.  The closing date for your surveys will be included with your weekly email notification of open surveys.
  7. Who sees the survey results?
    1. All administrators will see the summary results for themselves as well as those who report directly to them (Deans will see Chair results for their school, Provost will see Dean results, President will see Provost results).  The Faculty Senate President will see the results for the President.

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