Students can access and install software on their personal computers at home, as well as access specialty software using our IT computer labs.

Personal Computers

  • Remote Applications: All faculty, staff and students have access to Workspace. This can be used both on and off-campus to access certain SU-licensed software packages such as Minitab and SPSS through their web browser.
  • Microsoft Office via Office 365: Current students are eligible to receive a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 for their personal device through their student SU email account. This version of Office is valid as long as the student remains a student at Salisbury University through graduation

How to download and install Microsoft 365 for Windows computers

How to download and install Microsoft 365 for Macintosh computers

Users of other systems, such as Chromebooks or other Google OS devices, are unable to install Office onto their devices, but can use the Office WebApps for free. Users of Androids, iPhones and Windows Phones may also be able to install free Office apps on their devices at

  • Software licensed "for home use": There are a few packages that are available to be installed on personal computers for "home use," such as Mathematica. Instructions for installing these software packages can be found on the SU Software Licensed for Personal Devices/Home Use instructions page.
  • Discounted software purchased through Kivuto Solutions: Through the University of Maryland System's MSELA program, current full-time faculty, staff and students can purchase discounted software through Kivuto Solutions

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