In order to share a Zoom Cloud recording in OneDrive please complete the following steps to download the file from Zoom, upload the file to OneDrive, and share with other users.

Download the file from Zoom:

Access your Zoom Cloud Recordings by going to and logging in with your SU username and password.  

Select Recordings from the column on the left and Cloud Recordings from the center option.

To the right of the requested recording select More then Download to download the recording to your desktop.

You may see a dialogue box appear stating Zoom is attempting to download multiple files if so select Allow.

Click on the small up arrow to the right of the downloaded file and choose Show in Folder to view the recording in file explorer.

Zoom may download several options; one with just audio, another with video, and the full recording.  Be sure to select the full recording in the file format of mp4 when continuing.

Upload the File to OneDrive: (See also Using Microsoft OneDrive for more instructions)

If you have the OneDrive client installed on your computer you can right click on the file name and select Move to OneDrive

Alternatively, you can sign in to OneDrive by going to and selecting the OneDrive icon from the column on the left.

Select Upload>File and choose the downloaded zoom recording file from the file explorer pop up box.  

Share the OneDrive file:  (See also Managing access in OneDrive for more detailed instructions)

Once your file has been uploaded to OneDrive select the file and choose Share

You can manage access for users by selecting People you specify can view and changing the settings to meet your needs.  See the available options below.  

Be sure to click Apply and Send to share your file.

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