If you are on an SU device please open the Outlook app to access your email. 

The instructions below are for users on a personal device who prefer to use the built in Mail app to access email.  

In Windows 10, to set up your email, you will need to first open the Start menu.

  • Click on the Account icon, then click Change account settings.
    Change account settings
  • Click Email & app accounts, and then under Email, calendar, and contacts click Add an account.
    email and app accounts
  • Click Office 365/Exchange.
  • Enter your SU email address and click Next.
  • Enter your password and click Sign In.
     passwordenter password
  • Authenticate with DUO when prompted.  

  • You may be asked to add your account to Windows. Click Yes to add your account to Windows, or click Skip for now to skip.
    add account to windows
  • On the All done screen, click Done.
    all setall done

Note: When your SU password changes or expires, it is important to change the password on your device as soon as possible to avoid getting locked out. To do so, from the Start Menu, choose Accounts and then Change account settings.

  • Click Email & app accounts.
  • Click your email account and click Manage.
  • Type the correct password in the Password field and then click Save.

If changing the password doesn’t work, you can also Delete the account from that same page and then add the account again using the steps above.

Using SU Email on a Windows 10 Phone

Outlook is integrated on Windows 10 phones.

  • Open Outlook Mail.
  • Tap the “…”, then Settings.
  • Tap Manage Accounts.
  • Tap Add Account.
  • Tap Office 365/Exchange.
  • Enter your SU Email Address and tap Next.
  • Enter your SU password and tap Sign In.
  • Authenticate with DUO when prompted.

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