In Google Chrome, I am getting a message that "The site's security certificate is not trusted!" or "Your connection is not private". 


Possible causes are: 

  • Incorrect date and time on computer.
  • Expired or incorrect certificate on website.
  • Intercepted communications.

Error Messages


expanded error

old message


If the date and time is wrong on the computer, fixing the date and time and then refreshing the web page should correct the issue. However, if the date and time is correct, if it is a known and trusted site, it may just be a certificate error. You can proceed to the page if you trust it, but do so with caution until the certificate error is fixed.

  1. Check the date and time on the computer. If incorrect, correct the date and time and then refresh the browser.
  2. If the date and time are correct, it may be a certificate error.
    1. If you trust the site, you may proceed with caution by choosing "Proceed anyway" in the older versions of Google Chrome, or clicking "Advanced" and then "Proceed to [site] (unsafe)". It is recommended that if you are seeing this that you contact the SU IT Help Desk prior to proceeding.
    2. Otherwise, click "Back to safety" and attempt to use a different site, or contact the site owner.