Requests by SU departments to use DocuSign are reviewed and approved by IT on a case-by-case basis. There is a high cost per envelope and a limited number of envelopes available to the campus. Factors such as envelope volume/rate, type of document, and number of signers are used to determine whether DocuSign is an appropriate solution for the request. Legal agreements, HR and Procurement contracts, MOU’s, and other low-volume documents requiring external signatures are given precedence. High-volume or non-legal internal processes will likely not be a candidate for DocuSign unless a department covers additional costs associated with transaction volume. Services such as Qualtrics, PeopleSoft, Jira service desk, or an outsourced web application vendor solution may be an alternative depending on the documents and form requirements.

These questions can help us decide whether the service can be extended to the department:

  • What kind of document(s) is the department interested in converting to DocuSign (e.g. legal agreement, etc)?
  • Is the same document/form used per transaction?
  • How many (estimated count) documents are sent per year for each type of document?
  • Who typically sends the document, and who signs it?
  • Is there any other data field collected on the document aside from a signature? If so, what?

To request an item to be handled through Docusign complete a ticket request online at .  Please be sure to list the information above.  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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