To record a meeting in Zoom you must first initiate the meeting by choosing Host A Meeting  

Once the Meeting is started select the Record option at the bottom of the screen

You are given the option to Record on this Computer or Record to the Cloud.

Recording to the Computer will save the meeting in mp4 format to a folder titled Zoom on your computer.

Recording to the Cloud will save the file on Zoom's website.  The cloud saved recordings are found in the section labeled Recordings.

You can Pause or Stop the recording anytime by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom of your meeting screen.  

Once the meeting has ended the file will be saved.  

If you have chosen to save your recording to the Cloud there will be a brief time depending on the length of the recording for the file to process before becoming available.  

***Due to the sensitive nature of Zoom calls including the President and members of the Executive Staff, and in accordance with Salisbury University’s existing best-practices for Zoom, meetings should only be recorded if all attendees are advised before signing on.

These guidelines will help to ensure privacy and the protection of sensitive information. If you have any questions, please contact Eli Modlin, Chief of Staff to the President.

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