Possible Issues and Help:

Internet connection, CPU, RAM memory are crucial for the Proctorio extension to run properly. If the minimum requirements are not met, the core is overheated or its usage is extremely high, it could cause issues and prevent the students from doing their exam properly.   This could happen due to problems with the internet connection, so please try the following steps:

  1.  Clear cache/cookies/saved data. Click on the three-dot icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser >> More tools >> Clear browsing data >> click on Advanced tab >> change the Time range to All time>> Make sure to check all the boxes underneath (you can leave passwords and other sign-in data unchecked) and then click on Clear data.
  2. Try to restart the computer before the exam, so it clears its RAM memory and closes all running programs except Google Chrome.  **Depending on the type of computer that they are using they can find more information on how to close these other programs by clicking on the following link:   Students should make sure they are logged in to their student's account before opening the assignment/assessment.
  3. Make sure you position your computer where the wifi has a strong signal.  If not, move to a location where you have a strong wifi signal.  

Cant fix the issue?  Proctorio 24/7 support information  

Students experiencing any kind of issue before or during the exam, please start a live chat with Proctorio, as they have the ability and tools to assist with issues 24/7.

The quickest way is to open a live chat with Proctorio from the page where you access your assignment/assessment. From there please click on the grey shield icon in the upper right corner of the screen or in the puzzle icon and they will see a '' Live Chat '', click on that and start a live chat with us.

If you are unable to do so, please try the Proctorio Zendesk page. There is a chat option there from this link:  You must be logged into your SU account in Canvas.

The chat can also be started from  


On Mac devices we have seen that screen time can prevent the camera from connecting. To resolve this issue go into the system preferences and select screen time > options > turn off. You may need to restart the device after making these changes.

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