If you receive a phishing email

All phishing emails should be reported to IT Security using the Phishing Alert Report- email security icon.


If you have not clicked any links or entered any information this is the only step you need to take. 

The email will be automatically deleted once reported.  

If you clicked a link or provided personal information

If you provided personal information/logged into the link on the email:

Go to Password Assistance and change your SU password as soon as possible.  

If your account was compromised, you may need to check your email settings for wanted rules.

To turn off Inbox and Sweep Rules in Office365:

  1. Log into Office365 and select Outlook from the available Apps
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and select View All Outlook Settings at the bottom of the side bar.
  3. From the Mail tab select Rules 
  4. If there are any Inbox or Sweep Rules, move the slide selector to the left to turn off the rule, or select the rule and click the trash can icon to delete.