In Microsoft Teams you can use the Tasks app to bring together tasks from To Do and Outlook with your teams to move more efficiently.  

Add the Tasks app

Click on the in the Teams menu on the left then select Tasks by Planner and To Do.

Track your tasks in My tasks

The My tasks section of Tasks shows you tasks that you've created or that have been assigned to you: everything in this list is yours to accomplish. It reflects most of what you see in To Do app:

  • Tasks: A list of tasks that you've added either in Outlook or in To Do.

  • Important: A list of all the tasks in To Do (including the Assigned to me list) that you've marked with a star.

  • Planned: Includes all of the tasks in To Do (including the Assigned to me list) that have a due date, listed by date so you can plan your time.

  • Assigned to me: Includes all of the tasks in Planner that have been assigned to you. This list will only show up if you've synced your Planner tasks to To Do. 


    • My tasks does not include the My Day or Flagged emails lists at this time.

    • You won't be able to see recurrence for your To Do tasks in the Tasks app, but that information is still attached to those tasks and can be seen and worked with in the To Do app and Outlook.

Track your Shared plans

The Shared plans section of Tasks shows you plans that have been added to channels in Teams. You choose from a list of teams and channels, and find the plan you're looking for.

You can then work with the plan as usual in Board, Chart, or Schedule view, or in the List view unique to the Tasks app.

Filter your tasks

  1. Select Filter.

  2. Enter a key word or select a Due date, Label, Bucket, or Assignment.

    To clear a filter, select Clear.

Use Group by

  1. Select Group by.

  2. Select an option: Bucket, Assigned to, Progress, Due date, or Labels.

Change task details

  • Drag a task from one column to another to change the label, for example from Technical to General.

  • To complete a task, select the checkmark on the task card.

Select Charts to check status

Select Charts to see the:

  • Status - status of tasks.

  • Bucket - progress of tasks in each bucket.

  • Members - availability of team members.

  • Select Add Task.

Select Schedule to see where your tasks are on a calendar

  • Select Schedule.

Create another plan with the same buckets and tasks

  • Select the three dots ...

  • Select Copy plan.

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