Some Apple users who have previously used the Microsoft Authenticator app may run into a pop up stating "Your organization requires you to set up the following methods of proving who you are."

This is due to the previous use of the Microsoft Authenticator app.  

To resolve this issue first remove the Microsoft Authenticator app if it is still installed.

Next go to Settings and select your name/Apple ID at the very top, then choose iCloud

In iCloud settings select Passwords and Keychain and turn the slider to the off position. 


Open the Outlook app and select your picture/initials/or home symbol at the top left corner.

Select the Settings icon in the bottom left. 

Select your SU email address from the list of accounts.

At the bottom of the account options select Remove Account.

Follow the instructions to add the account back to Outlook found here.  

It will now authenticate through DUO Mobile and no longer use the Microsoft Authenticator application. 

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