Inclusive Access is a partnership between Salisbury University and book publishers, to provide the best learning resources on the first day of class, at the lowest price possible. 

**NOTE:  While these directions indicate specific information about McGraw-Hill, other book publishers are also using inclusive access with SU courses in MyClasses.

How does it work?

  • You can gain access to McGraw-Hill’s course content online through MyClasseswith the latest version of the eBook and McGraw-Hill Connect at the lowest price possible.
  • If you want a physical copy of the textbook, you can order a discounted loose-leaf version through the SU bookstore.

All enrolled students will be charged upfront with their initial billing for the course/semester; with the option to Opt Out of the course materials. Students who drop the course or opt out of the course materials  before the opt out date will be refunded for the course materials.

Registering and accessing your textbooks

Follow the instructions at Create and register your account with McGraw Hill Connect - Inclusive Access

Opting Out

You do not have to participate in Inclusive Access. You have the option to Opt Out prior to the opt out deadline for the semester by following the instructions at Opting Out of Inclusive Access textbooks in MyClasses

NOTE: If you opt out of Inclusive Access, you will be responsible for purchasing an access code to McGraw Hill Connect elsewhere in order to access the eBook and complete the required online assignments.