Salisbury University provides all users with a licensed Zoom account.  You can access your licensed account by logging into .  If you have created a personal Zoom account using your SU email by logging into , this will create issues when logging in or being sent to breakout rooms within an SU Zoom meeting.  To correct the issue please follow the below instructions on removing your SU email address from your free/personal Zoom account. 

Go to 

Login using your SU email address and the password you created when you initiated the free Zoom account.

Under Profile go to your email address and click on the pencil icon to edit.

Remove your SU email address and enter your personal email address.  **This is your free account and will from now on be associated with your personal email address.**

Sign out of the account by clicking on the grey person icon in the top right corner and Sign Out.

You can now log in to your Salisbury University licensed Zoom account by going to and logging in with your SU username and password.  

If you would like to sign into the Zoom client please follow the instructions found here.

You are evaluating Refined.