What is LiquidFiles?

LiquidFiles is a secure file transfer and sharing system. It is designed to be used by University departments that have an approved business need to work with PII (Personally Identifiable Information). LiquidFiles allow users to send or receive secure messages from outside of the University. Files can be shared securely with users inside or outside of SU's system. LiquidFiles works fast, just as you would expect with standard email.

SU users now have a method to securely send or receive messages that contain PII. This file sharing method is preferred to email in the event information that needs to be sent internal/external contains PII (personally identifiable information).

Who can access it? 

Access to the https://secureshare.salisbury.edu site must be requested and approved. Users requesting must work in a department with an approved business need to work with PII.

For approval, complete a support request online at https://support.salisbury.edu by selecting "I Need Access".