Classroom podium computers already have Panopto installed; can be found in the Academic Software folder located on the desktop or in the search option.

For SU devices that do not have Panopto installed, you can install by visiting the Software Center. 


A faculty member would like to install Panopto on their PC or Mac.


Instructions for installing Panopto can be found at

Once you have installed Panopto on your office computer; you will need to make sure that you have a Panopto account (done through Instructional Design & Delivery).  In order to use Panopto to the full extent; you will need to have a web cam with a built-in microphone or a web cam and a separate microphone.

Using Panopto in the classrooms requires a web cam (built-in microphone included with web cam).  If the classroom is not equipped with a web cam then IT will install one in the room.