How to update the login keychain password on your Mac or MacBook.
If you are a Mac user at Salisbury University, you have or will see this message after you have reset your SU User ID password and signed into a Mac that you have signed into before.

When you change your Salisbury University password and log into a mac with the new password, you will receive a prompt asking you to update your login keychain or create a new keychain.
The best option is to Create New Keychain To do this, click the "Create New Keychain" button. Your SU User ID account password and login keychain password will both match again and the prompt will disappear.

Another option is to Update Keychain Password. This prompt is really asking you to type your previous SU ID Password. It will update the login keychain to match your new password.

If you enter your password incorrectly or Click on Continue Log in, you will continue to receive prompts asking for you to type in your login keychain password. If  you need assistance with updating your Mac OS keychain, you
can contact the Information Technology Help Desk for assistance. 

Please remember that the keychain(s) may also contain saved credentials for web sites, Wi-Fi networks, and various programs. Resetting your keychains will cause these programs to prompt you for a name and password the next time you use them as if it is the first time you've used them.