Properly recorded a lecture or presentation via Panopto.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Professor must enable Panopto for the course in MyClasses.
  2. Download for Panopto is located in the Software Center and does not require administrative credentials.
  3. In classrooms and conference rooms Panopto is located either on the desktop or in the Academic Software folder on the desktop.
  4. If they are recording audio and video you will need to make sure the room has a web cam.  If not then you will need to install one.
  5. After opening Panopto you will click on the Sign in with MyClasses Canvas tab.
  6. Click on Login with SU username
  7. Professor will login to MyClasses with their SU credentials.  (We do not login with our credentials under any circumstance).
  8. Click authorize. 
  9. Check audio/video settings.
  10. Audio color bar next to video will need to be set to high.
  11. Under video tab; make sure the web cam in the room is selected and that you can see the video coming from the camera
  12. Under the audio tab; make sure the camera in the room is selected as the audio source and test it by checking the audio bar next to the video.
  13. If the presenter only wants to capture the PowerPoint with audio then select the check box next to Capture PowerPoint.
  14. If you select Capture Main Screen then this will capture whatever is on the screen and the audio.
  15. Select the correct course you want the recording to be sent to by clicking on the drop down menu next to Session Folder.
  16. When ready to record click on the Record tab in the top left corner.
  17. When recording is completed click the Stop button in the top left corner.
  18. The recording will begin to upload to the server.
  19. Presenter can log out of computer and walk away. 

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