• Login to Navigate using Chrome as your web browser (the system will not work using Internet Explorer)
  • A notification will display, instructing you to go to the “Calendar” page to begin the setup.  Click on the “Calendar” icon.

  • On the “Calendar” page, you will see a yellow banner directing you to authorize syncing, please press the “authorize” button.

  • Upon clicking the “authorize” button, you will be routed to login.microsoftonline.com. If you are not already signed into Office 365, you will be prompted to do so.
  • After signing in, Office 365 will ask you to grant permission for the application to access your calendar. Pressing “Accept” will authorize and begin the syncing.
  • The browser will return to the “Calendar Integrations” page. A timestamp for the last successful sync (or any applicable error message) will be displayed, and will include options for you to “Retry” or “Disconnect” the sync as needed.


  • EAB does NOT store password information

  • Changing your Office 365 password does not require re-syncing

For questions or problems regarding Navigate please contact the Academic Advising Center in Blackwell Hall or call 410-546-4366