Sign into Myclasses and select the course that has a NameCoach assignment.

Select Assignments and choose the NameCoach assignment(title will vary from professor).  

Choose Record or Edit this Recording if you have a previously recorded.  

Enter your email address, name, and gender profiles is desired.

Select Phone to record by phone, Web Recorder to create a recording directly from your device or Uploader to upload a previously recorded file you have saved. 

-If you select Phone:

-Enter your phone number to receive a call with instructions to record your name by phone.

-You will see a prompt concerning the call being in queue and estimated time.


-If you are using Web Recorder:

-Your browser may ask permission to use the microphone, you must select Allow to use this feature.

-Hit Record.  Slowly and clearly pronounce the name you wish to be called.   

-Once finished click Stop.

*If recording from a desktop using Web Recorder it must have a microphone(or webcam) in order to record.  

-If your are selecting Uploader:

- Find and select the file you have saved in file explorer or drag the file to the box.


Listen to your recording to verify it is correct. 

Select Submit and Finish to complete.