To Manage a departmental/shared email account, including creating automatic replies or changing rules, you will need to access the mailbox from the Microsoft 365 WebApp.

If you are using the Outlook desktop client please see the instructions here How to Manage a Shared Email Account using Outlook.

Log onto and choose Outlook from the list of available applications.

To manage a shared mailbox:

Managing a departmental/shared email account includes creating automatic replies or changing rules.

1)     To the top right click on your initials and choose Open another mailbox from the drop down menu


2)      Type the Email Account Name into the field and click Open

3)    You are now in the shared mailbox.  

4)    Select the gear/settings icon on the top right and choose View All Outlook Settings to change Rules and Automatic Replies.  

To add a shared mailbox:

Adding a departmental/shared mailbox will add it to the list below your mailbox in the Outlook WebApp. 

1)  In the Mailbox Navigation pane on the left right click on Folders 

2)  Choose Add shared folder from the drop down choices


3)Enter the name of the mailbox you wish to have added then select Add

The shared mailbox will now be listed below your other mailboxes in the Mailbox Navigation pane on the left.

For more information and tutorials visit Microsoft 365 Outlook on the Web Tutorials

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