Go to https://salisbury.zoom.us/ and Sign in with your SU username and password.

Select Recordings from the list of options on the left.

From the Recordings tab you can select to see either Cloud Recordings or Local Recordings from the top. 

Cloud Recordings are saved to your Zoom account and are viewable from any device.

Local Recordings are saved to the pc/mac that you are using and are only viewable when you are on that device.

To delete a Cloud Recording, select Cloud Recordings.

In the row for the recording you would like to delete click More, then Delete.

To delete a local Recording, select Local Recordings.

In the row for the local recording you would like to delete, select Delete to the right of the recording information.

In addition you may want to delete the recording from your computer.  To do so you will need to navigate to the path shown in the location field and delete the file(s) from your device. 

Deleted recordings are kept in Zoom's Trash for 30 days unless you Empty Trash.

You may recover recordings or delete recordings permanently by selecting Trash.

To the right of the recording information select Recover to have the recording listed as active again or Delete to permanently delete.

Alternatively you can select Empty Trash from the top right to permanently delete ALL deleted recordings. 


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