If you create a Zoom meeting via https://salisbury.zoom.us and want to share it in one or more courses in MyClasses, the following instructions will guide you in copying the meeting invitation and then creating a calendar event in MyClasses.

Step-by-step guide 

⦁ Once you have created a meeting at ⦁ https://salisbury.zoom.us locate the meeting and click on the title of the meeting. Click on Copy the invitation link on the right hand side of the Zoom meeting information, then you copy the Meeting Invitation:

Putting the Zoom Meeting on your Global Calendar is a Canvas event and is a non-graded Canvas activity. Events you create on the Calendar will not appear in the Assignments page or in the Gradebook. They will show up on your calendar the syllabus page and student calendars.

⦁ In your Global Navigation, click the Calendar icon.

⦁ Make sure that your course is selected to show on the calendar by clicking on the square to the next to the course listing on the right of your calendar page;

Add an Event

Click any date on the calendar to add an event [1]. Or, click the arrows next to the month name to navigate to a different month [2] and select a date.
If you don't want to manually locate the date, you can click the Add icon [3].

Add Event Details

Enter a title for the event [1]. Enter a date in the date field [2]. The calendar times may also be populated for you in the From fields [3]. Edit or enter the start and end time for your event. In the Calendar drop-down menu [5], select the course calendar for the event. Click the More Options button [1] to add the details for your Zoom meeting. Paste the Zoom meeting details in the content box and check the duplicate box if needed.

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